15 October, 2007

It's Alive!

Short post, busy as hell.

We're gearing up toward the end of the session at my Tutoring Center, the timing of which will coincide nicely with my midterms at school (joy!). I'm trying desperately to find time to restore the cat netting on the porch, do laundry, homework, and still have a life, but day-am.

Coming soon:
*Gryffindor socks!
*Sock Savior socks!
*Printing the Secret of the Stole trauma
*Fighting the startitis virus
*a possible new feature: the bi-weekly KnitPicks $45! (yarn diet? what yarn diet?)
*A review of my newest favoritest show: Pushing Daisies

And last but not least:
*a return from the incessant Buffy obsession that is 7 seasons of Joss-y goodness. Yea, I never watched Buffy before last Sunday, what of it?

I shall leave you, dear reader, with a rhetorical question: How does David Boreanaz manage to go from barely attractive to smokin' hot in just 2 seasons? Could it be the leather pants?