03 March, 2007


March came into California just like you'd expect: like a lamb. It's about 60 here, I have all the windows and doors with screens open to air out the house. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 65. Hooray! My friend Erick visited for his spring break from UofM in Dearborn, MI. I never remember how nice it is here until someone from the world outside my California bubble arrives to remind me that not all of the country - nay, the world - enjoys the weather and atmosphere we do.

I've finally messed with Jer's snooty camera enough to take pictures of what I'm working on. But first, most of the blogs I frequent have mascots of the feline persuasion, and the delightful furballs who run my apartment have become a bit jealous. Without further ado, here are the Keepers of the Klink:

Kami is a rare and endangered San Jose Brown Gutter Cat. Jer found her, tiny and sick, on his doorstep one day roughly 7 years ago. She has since blossomed into the beautiful tortie you see above. And she is such a tortie, complete with the cantankerous but utterly sweet personality. She curls up on an available lap and watches TV with us.

Mr Darcy is an alien from an unidentified planet, currently observing the human race from a feline perspective. He doesn't sleep, he uploads, and I'm fairly certain the alien race he represents must be preeeeeetty confused by now. I was volunteering at C.A.T.S. in 2001 when he showed up in a box full of short-haired black female kittens who were found abandoned under a freeway. I picked him up, he rolled over onto his back and laid in my arms for 4 hours. I took him home and he's been sleeping at my feet ever since. He doesn't like sitting in laps, but he will settle within about a 10-foot radius of wherever I am in the house.

And them's the felines!